Playing online pokies can be a fun and a way of earning some money. This online based casino game can easily be played and enjoyed on a range of both Android and Windows including your laptop, PC or even smartphone.

Factors to consider

It is always considered a good practice to take various factors into account before delving into the world of pokies online casino games. First and foremost, it is important to ensure that the online casino platform you are using is reputable, trustworthy and has sufficient provisions regarding the manner in which it handles customers’ monetary transactions.

Online Pokies

In addition to that, it is equally important to ensure that the pokies casino platform you opt for features various pokies games that actually appeal to you. In addition to simply winning some money, one of the key objectives of playing any online casino game is to actually have some fun by enjoying the experience. Finally, a good online casino game should be able to present players with an opportunity to actually experience the game by offering free game plays before requiring them to play for money.

Top pokies

Identifying online Pokies that specifically suits your individual needs can be a difficult task. This is due to the fact that the internet is currently awash with pokies games. Indeed there are many pokies games that are available for players out there but not all of them might appeal to you. Here is a list of several pokies games that are most likely to appeal to most players.

Online Pokies

  • Spin Palace
  • Jackpot City
  • 888 Casino
  • Betway Casino
  • All slots casino
  • Spirit Casino

All these game have one thing in common in that they have all been designed with the satisfaction of the player in mind. They feature fabulous game-plays, game controls and other such interesting features that make them fun and interesting for just about any player.

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Talon & Dove Slot Machine

Talons and Dove will help you imagine the galaxies in the future. This fun slot is about a battle between good & evil. You have to use all 20 pay lines and five reels to win.

You can win prizes by lining up the evil sorcerers who want to poison the birds. You may be rewarded for helping the bird people survive, such as free spins and a Scatter Feature.

Prize Fighters

You must line up 4 to 5 symbols to win a prize. You can win up to 250x if you line up Dove, who is half bird and half woman. For lining up Talon, which looks like a mix between Daredevil or The Flash, you can win as much as 500x your line bet.

Talons and Doves have a very lucrative Wild Symbol. It is the Talon and Dove logo. Five symbols on a paid line will win 10,000x in your line bet. The symbols can also be substituted for other prizes to create more winning combinations.

Battling Bonuses

You could win the battle against evil and be on your way soon to some excellent bonuses in the form of a Free Games Bonus and Scatter Feature. By lining up three or more of the Talon and Dove free game symbols, you can trigger 6, 7, or 8 free spins. You will also be eligible for regular prizes as these free spins end.

The Scatter Feature offers you total-bet multiplier prizes, including 2.5x for the Sorcerers, 5x Dove, 12.5x Talon, and 25x your total bet for Wilds. The Re-spin Feature is activated by any winning combination that contains these symbols. All three symbols’ character wins trigger respins, four consistency wins trigger two respins, and five mark wins trigger three respins. It takes only 3 Wild symbols to trigger 3 Re-spins. 4 and 5 Wilds trigger 4 and 5 respins, respectively.

Players can play 1, 5, 10, 15, or 20 lines every spin. Line bets start at 100 coins per spin and go up to 2.5 Million coins for the more savvy players. The minimum stake is 100 coins per spin, and the maximum is 50 million coins.