Some players don’t want anything more than some classic symbols, a simple set of rules, and an old-school, traditional team to have fun. Slot game developers are happy to oblige.

New Crazy Seven by LIONLINE is a video game based on a classic theme: a slot machine. It might not seem like much, but the stakes are very high. You should not dismiss this game as just another classic.

Start by reading our full review to learn more about New Crazy Seven.

The Reels, and nothing but the Reels

You will not take long to realize that New Crazy Seven belongs to the retro slots category.

The whole screen is designed to look like a classic slot machine. It has a bright orange backdrop, reels, and many green buttons. You don’t need anything else to begin betting.

You might be surprised to find that New Crazy Seven is not as new or as crazy as you thought. You’ve come to the right spot if you love minimalistic design. You might be disappointed if you don’t. We’ll look at the game in the next section to see if it has anything crazy.

Start Here

It shouldn’t take you long to learn the basics of New Crazy Seven.

It would be best to get winning symbols on the game matrix’s five reels and five paylines to win cash prizes. The prizes are calculated according to your settings for bets and the characters. You can adjust your surroundings by clicking on the buttons in the command bar located at the bottom.

You can also play an optional mini-game to quadruple or double your winnings after each successful spin. You can win extra coins by guessing the suit or color of a concealed playing card. You can use the autospin component to speed up the process. This will allow you to place the same wager on multiple spins for as long as you like.

All Food Is Eating

New Crazy Seven’s paytable contains only the classic fruit symbols familiar to most players.

These icons include cherries, oranges, lemons, and plums. The maximum winnings here are 40 times the wager, so it will take more than one combination to get a big win. Even these symbols are capable of triggering decent wins.

Grapes and watermelons can be more challenging, but they are worth 100 times the amount you wager if you get five of a king. Keep your eyes on the prize and aim to get as many as possible. Or, you can go for the red sevens. This rare symbol can give you up to 1,000 times your initial bet for a long combination of reels. That should be enough to change the game.

What you see is what you get.

New Crazy Seven may be one of the most accessible and straightforward games you’ll find today. This LIONLINE slot machine simulation is more of a simulator than anything. It will transport you to your local casino with just a few clicks.

The simplicity of the game means that there are no hidden features on the reels. There are no free spins, bonus rounds, scatters, or wilds. The only way to compensate for it is by playing the game as usual and trying to win big.

New Crazy Seven is a game where luck plays a significant role. Only experienced, hard-core players looking for an easy yet challenging game will likely enjoy it. New Crazy Seven is not a game for younger players with higher graphics and interaction expectations. They may be disappointed by the results after a few spins.

Triple X Slots

Enjoy a fun and exciting experience with a few hidden surprises.

Triple X, a video slots game by LIONLINE, is based on classic casino slot machines. The game lacks graphics and originality but compensates with high cash payouts and accessibility. This should make it popular among newcomers to the slot game market.

Let’s look at Triple X and see what makes it so unique. We will also discuss the best way to win the jackpot the most often.

High on Adrenaline

Triple X, despite its simplicity, is a very nice-looking game. It has a dynamic and sleek screen. Many players will love it.

The screen is black, with only red and green lights behind the reels. There are few details, but the symbols, command bar, and background look sharp and clean.

Triple X may look like another retro-style slot machine with a new twist, but you might be surprised that more is beneath the surface. Let’s start by learning how to play the game.

As Intuitive As Can Be

Triple X’s simple layout makes it easy to play. The bottom of the screen has all the commands that you will need.

The game matrix can’t be more straightforward: three spinning reels with five paylines that run across them. You will receive a currency reward if you land the winning symbols on these paylines. The size of the wager and the characters will determine the amount you receive. Use the (+) or (-) signs in the command bar beneath the reels to change your wager settings.

You can crease, triple, or quadruple your winnings after each win. You can also guess a card’s hidden suit or color in the mini-gamble game. This could prove rewarding over time. Be careful, as a wrong answer can cost you all your coins. Autospin is another option to speed up your game. Your bet will be spread over multiple spins.

Grab a handful of Fruit from the Basket.

Triple X’s paytable contains only eight symbols. These are taken directly from a slot machine layout familiar to most players.

Cherries, grapes, watermelons, lemons, oranges, and plums are the most common and least rewarding symbols. These symbols are ubiquitous, so you’ll have many chances to make winning combinations.

While rarer, stars, bells, and bar signs are also more valuable. With a combination of 3 bar signs, you can get up to 100x your bet.

Watch out for the Final Surprise

The paytable for Triple X has one final symbol that differs from the others. This is a concession made to the modern slot game.

This prominent X symbol is a scatter and can award a cash reward wherever it appears on the screen. Let’s forget about paylines and keep spinning the wheels until 3 of them appear.

A 3-X combination on the reels will also trigger a prize game of 10 free spins. During the free games, there will be at least 27 total paylines. This is an immaculate option to earn extra cash without risking anything.

The Triple X Factor

Triple X is a slot machine that looks like a classic despite the upgraded graphics and simplified gameplay. This allows players to get a head start on their reels no matter their level.

The unexpected scatter symbol is the main feature of this game. Triple X has chosen to add a surprise to the old-school game. This slight change makes the game stand out without being revolutionary.