About Us

mowensolinskygallery.comThank you for coming to our blog about the world of online casinos. First, we want to tell a little about our motivation, why we decided to start writing such a blog. We have been following the current online casino market for a few years and we have noticed that this online casino market has completely exploded. Online casinos have appeared on the market like mushrooms in the rain and this has made choosing an online casino almost impossible. When we add to this the selection of hundreds of different games of online casinos, we are in front of a real nut. This thing creates difficulties even for experienced players so we can only imagine that for a beginner player this thing is 100% impossible. By reading this blog, you will get information about online casinos, their security, games and how you should make your choice. You must be asking why we are qualified to advise anyone? We ourselves have been playing at online casinos for several years. There are four of us and all have been playing at online casinos for more than four years, so our combined experience is almost twenty years. We have played at several online casinos, because we often open an account at a new good online casino and use the bonuses and advantages of that online casino to our advantage. Because of this, we have accumulated experience in evaluating online casinos, we do not open an account with any online casino before we evaluate whether the casino is worth playing. When we get to the online casino, we evaluate the slots and other games of the online casino. Now we want to help Finnish slot machine lovers find the best online casino for their money. We want to help you succeed and make sure you don’t waste your money on some bad online casino. May luck be on your shoulder and may the chips fly in your direction!